A little throwback from DIY Ferndale 2016. We’ll be at DIY Ferndale 2018 this year, bringing you some fresh jams!


“Veins” Is Available Now!

Ann Arbor Summer Festival was a blast again this year, and as we promised, we made the first limited edition copies of “Veins” available only to everyone who was there. Now we’re excited to announce that “Veins” is available everywhere. We’ve put a few links at the bottom of this, but you can also just use your favorite app or streaming service.

But as always, we suggest you use our bandcamp. You’ll get a free bonus track and artwork too, and more of what you give toward the music will actually come to Barelyon so that we can keep making more music for you. Full album coming soon! Please share this single with your friends.

Also available at:  iTunes  |  Amazon  |  Google Play  |  and everywhere else

This week! Rad shows and a new single!

Just in time for summer, we’ve got some rad shows and a new single, “Veins“, that will be a great addition to your summer jam playlist! Limited edition copies, that include a bonus song, will be available at Ann Arbor Summer Festival on Sunday, June 18th. And we’ll release it everywhere online shortly after. So keep yer ears peeled! See you somewhere this week! — Barelyon

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Week of 6-14-2017 Shows


Saved & Enslaved by Barelyon – Live at DIY Ferndale 2016

So yeah… we tend to be performing so much that we don’t actually upload videos regularly. Thanks to our fans, there are quite a few out there if you look for them. But here’s one from a fest we performed at last year. Enjoy!

(if you’re impatient, or just don’t want to hear Brion build the loop, CLICK HERE to skip right to the singing).

The week of November 2nd, 2016


We’ll also be LIVE on air at – AM1700 Ypsilanti from 6pm – 7pm on Thursday, Nov 3rd!



order at bandcamp > https://barelyonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/barely-on-cassette

Barely On Cassette

It’s coming. May-ish or June-ish. Depending on how many of you groovy people order it. Was originally going to be released earlier this year, but Japan and a bunch of gigs has kept us busy. I’m sure you rad people understand. Anyways… It’s limited addition. It’s a cassette. Yep, we said it. A tape.

Order it here…   https://barelyonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/barely-on-cassette

This limited edition cassette includes 10 Barelyon tracks, both studio and demo versions of songs, as well as never before released material. Also limited edition artwork (not yet shown) and liner notes. Pre-order and be the first to get your copy.

Currently in production, we will update this description, artwork, and other info as the copies are made.

There will be NO digital download of this album. Bandcamp says there will be, but all you’ll get is blank tracks. It’s our way of keeping it limited edition and on analog cassette only.

Expected ship date: In or before June 2016.
(this will depend on pre-orders).