Barelyon shows – Week of 11/15/16

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Lots of cool stuff this week:

If you perform music, come see us on Thursday in Chelsea, share some of your tunes from 7-9pm and watch our featured set from 9-10pm.

If you’re heading downtown to Campus Martius Park in Detroit for the tree lighting ceremony on Friday, stop by Exodos afterwards or beforehand  (7pm-10pm) for a drink and some good music!

And of course, Sunday, if you come to the Northville Winery, it’s sure to be 70 degrees and sunny!

Come to one or all. But whichever you decide, come get it Barely On with us!



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“The Tale Of Bakemono-Chan” Live On TapDetroit

Originally Aired On The Oct 28 2015 DJ Do$ Lopez show from 5-7pm EDT. And archived at

Just In Time For Halloween, Barelyon Brings A Tale Of Artistic Horror!

Barelyon will be releasing the new single, “The Tale Of Bakemono-Chan” this weekend. Keep your eyes and ears open, lest you become her next victim.

It will be released at first!

“There once was a monster

Dressed up like a girl

Covered all in crimson stains

As she made art for the world.

All the papers loved her

Front page lined with heads

they all called her ‘Bakemono-Chan’

she just called them ‘dead’