New Single Is Trio From Duo

Confused? Don’t be. Barelyon is a duo, and we’ve released 2 new tunes AND a music video (three things!) as part of our single “Slow and Steady” on bandcamp. The video for “Slow and Steady” is also live exclusively on IGTV. Links below, babies. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

SLOW AND STEADY – SINGLE (with 2 songs and a video)

IGTV exclusive version of video

Ye Olde Barelyon Music Shoppe

Slow & Steady ARTWORK 6000x6000

Japanese Serial Killer Turns Victims Into “Works Of Art”

Bakemono-Chan. She’s here! But it’s that time of year, after all. We (Brion & Leona) are fans of horror. This song is our effort to create a mythical creature that turns her victims into works of art. The lyrics tell the story of a monster-girl and her desire to rid the world of its lust for money, while satisfying her lust for blood. Just in time for Halloween, so jam this tune at your party! Click the link below to get the song.