Barelyon on the air

Had a great time sharing some tunes and stories with Matthew Altruda on Ann Arbors 107.1 fm. Call in to request Brion Riborn‘s song “Ghost” at 734.998.1071

And soon enough, we’ll get them some Barelyon tunes that you can request as well. Stream the station live from anywhere at http://www.annarbors107one.com/


Just In Time For Halloween, Barelyon Brings A Tale Of Artistic Horror!

Barelyon will be releasing the new single, “The Tale Of Bakemono-Chan” this weekend. Keep your eyes and ears open, lest you become her next victim.

It will be released at music.BarelyonMusic.com first!

“There once was a monster

Dressed up like a girl

Covered all in crimson stains

As she made art for the world.

All the papers loved her

Front page lined with heads

they all called her ‘Bakemono-Chan’

she just called them ‘dead’