“Veins” Is Available Now!

Ann Arbor Summer Festival was a blast again this year, and as we promised, we made the first limited edition copies of “Veins” available only to everyone who was there. Now we’re excited to announce that “Veins” is available everywhere. We’ve put a few links at the bottom of this, but you can also just use your favorite app or streaming service.

But as always, we suggest you use our bandcamp. You’ll get a free bonus track and artwork too, and more of what you give toward the music will actually come to Barelyon so that we can keep making more music for you. Full album coming soon! Please share this single with your friends.

Also available at:  iTunes  |  Amazon  |  Google Play  |  and everywhere else


Japanese Serial Killer Turns Victims Into “Works Of Art”

Bakemono-Chan. She’s here! But it’s that time of year, after all. We (Brion & Leona) are fans of horror. This song is our effort to create a mythical creature that turns her victims into works of art. The lyrics tell the story of a monster-girl and her desire to rid the world of its lust for money, while satisfying her lust for blood. Just in time for Halloween, so jam this tune at your party! Click the link below to get the song.