What are we doing now?

Right now, Barelyon consists of Leona CW and Brion RGB (Riborn) and at select performances, Dave McConnell and Rhonda Kersey. We are full time musicians with no “day job”. We are currently gigging and living within 3 hours, in and around, Detroit, with about 286 shows a year. We perform most of our original music at festivals and concerts. We tend to perform mostly covers for public and private events and venues. 2016 was an action packed year, with several new recordings as well as time spent creating in Japan. For 2017, our plan is to continue shifting the focus to more of our original music and performing at more festivals and concert venues, and less bars and events that prefer cover songs. We started hosting an open mike in Detroit in 2016, and have met so many new & established artists who share the stage with us. We started off 2017 with recording a song for GivingSongs.org and followed it up by releasing our single “Veins“. We are now in the process of completing a new album, though we are currently deciding on whether to release it as an entire unit or a series of singles.

To find us NOW in the real world, track our schedule using Bands In Town, here: http://tour.BarelyonMusic.com

UPDATED 7/21/17