New Single Is Trio From Duo

Confused? Don’t be. Barelyon is a duo, and we’ve released 2 new tunes AND a music video (three things!) as part of our single “Slow and Steady” on bandcamp. The video for “Slow and Steady” is also live exclusively on IGTV. Links below, babies. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

SLOW AND STEADY – SINGLE (with 2 songs and a video)

IGTV exclusive version of video

Ye Olde Barelyon Music Shoppe

Slow & Steady ARTWORK 6000x6000

A little throwback from DIY Ferndale 2016. We’ll be at DIY Ferndale 2018 this year, bringing you some fresh jams!

Saved & Enslaved by Barelyon – Live at DIY Ferndale 2016

So yeah… we tend to be performing so much that we don’t actually upload videos regularly. Thanks to our fans, there are quite a few out there if you look for them. But here’s one from a fest we performed at last year. Enjoy!

(if you’re impatient, or just don’t want to hear Brion build the loop, CLICK HERE to skip right to the singing).

VIDEO: TapDetroit Interview & Live Performance With Dos Lopez

Barelyon & Dos Lopez on TapDetroit!

Barelyon & Dos Lopez on TapDetroit!

Barelyon is the Key & Peele of music. Only we’re not funny. We jam.

We really like the comedy of Key & Peele. It’s smart and edgy and just damn good comedy. We thought that their talent was the only reason we dug them, until we discovered their origins. Key is from Detroit and Peele is from NYC. There are a few other similarities between them and Brion (Detroit) & Leona (NYC) from Barelyon as well, but we’ll leave it at that for now. When you want good comedy that is a collision of the Motor City & the Big Apple, go for Key & Peele. When you want good music that’s 100% NYD, we’ve got that covered.

Here’s a few of their clips. Definitely check out their other stuff if you haven’t yet.

Barelyon in the movies (part 2)

The music of Barelyon featured starting about 1/2 way through this trailer, til the end. The film is “A Girl Like Her” and is releasing on March 27, 2015.

Barelyon in the movies (part 1)

Check out this short film, “With Open Eyes”, that features the music of Barelyon at the end.